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Abasingo Get-together 2020
Abasingo Clan has its roots since before the
onset of the Chwezi Empire, when Isimbwa, the
father of the first Chwezi ruler (Ndahura)
out of the "people of the forts”,
or “people of the crown”
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Abasingo Get-together 2020

History of Basingo Clan

During the Bacwezi rule & Empire (the Bachwezi established the Kitara Empire that covered some areas of Uganda, Northern Tanzania, Western Kenya and Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo ), the Basingo clan were instrumental in the leadership and governance of that empire. For instance, a Muchwezi Prince Mugyenyi, from the Basingo clan (his father was Isimbwa, and Mother was Nyangoma (a Musingo), ruled parts of the Cwezi empire and even established the last Bachwezi headquarter at Bigo bya Mugyenyi, in Ntutsi, locate din present day Sembabule district.

Development Projects

The Basingo are are working to improve the lives of Basingo, through establishing community organisations and projects.

Many of our clan members, Associations, youth are involved in Abasingo  Savings & Investment Plan. Through our association we have prepared development projects and we work to strengthen the capabilities our institutions and promote self-reliance

  • Abasingo Development Foundation
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