About Abasingo

The written literature has little to offer about the clan known as Abasingo, until the onset of Bachwezi rule, from the 14th Century to the 16th Century, and onward in the sub-kingdoms that formed after the fall of the Chwezi empire. The reason for this is that that the Chwezi Kings, who has no clans, married into existing clans they found, one them was notably Basingo, and they gave birth to Bachwezi Princes like Mugyenyi, who built the Bigo bya Mugyenyi fortress

Unlike many later clans after the Chwezi dynasty, which were formed by a chief or head of wealthy prominent family approaching the reigning king and asking to be given the clan and its lands where they occupied, akin to the Lords of the British Empire Lords, the Basingo and a couple of clans, was formed out of the nature of work and services, for which they became known and prominent, in the grand scale of the empire. And anyone who enrolled in this service and works under the tutorship of the Basingo courtiers, also became a Musingo

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Absolutely true…it’s one of the most richest clan in the whole of east Africa with very blessed and beautiful women.

William Muhulizi
William Muhulizi
A Musingo, Abasingo Clan

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