Abasingo Development


Abasingo Development is a basic idea that we, the everyday people, can join hands to develop ourselves, and the community we live in. It is from this idea, that an initiative by the Abasingo Clan young men and women, who come together with a shared culture, collaborating to start doing developmental, income generating project(s) that can enable them to increase their earning potential, create jobs, and be an example for the community in poverty alleviation


Development Values
  • Integrity – moral soundness in everything we do
  • Professionalism – using skills, methods, character and standards in the management
  • Innovation – introducing new methods, processes, services and products from ideas
  • Culture – maintaining the manners and finesse of our culture
Development Vision

To enable everyday people develop socially, economically and culturally


Development Goals
  • To collect, keep our members money and records safe
  • To Serve members with integrity & professionalism
  • To grow our idea from a small, members-led plan into a professional financial provider


Development Mission

To enhance the earning potential of our members and stakeholders


Development Methodology

In order to attain the above goals, objectives and the desired of the members, the following methods will be used to drive forward and get the outcomes;

  • Collecting Monthly Savings from Members into the Group Savings Plan
  • Investment of Group Savings in well valuated & managed business or income project
  • Mobilization of Members to save and involve in investment planning
  • Identifying skilled Members and Recruiting them to manage the Savings & Businesses


Founding Members

We sat at the house of our elder (Monica Anyine) in Namugongo, on the night of October 12, 2019. Members present were Anyine Monica, Agasha Caroline, Frank Birondwa and Kayesu Kellen

The purpose of the meeting was a follow up to handover collected money, which came from a fundraising by the Abasingo Clan group members, who gave UGX 20,000/ each as condolences for one of our Members (Kellen Kayesu), who had lost a sister, and had been collected by Anyine Monica, who was chosen as a suitable treasurer for the task

After this business, we discussed about development and resolved to immediately start Saving together as a group, for developmental projects to generate income

In the same meeting members tasked themselves to come up with 10 members (6 more, after the members present) who are very interested in developmental work, and as names were suggested, a list was compiled as below. These members were later approached about the same, by the core initiators, and all duly accepted to be the starting / founding members. Their names are below

  • Anyine Monica
  • Katega Winnie
  • Birondwa Frank
  • Mutatina Aaron
  • Lazarus B
  • Kayesu Kellen
  • Abaho Kennedy
  • Mbahi Frank Kabuutu
  • Atubasiize Apophia Rwiija
  • Agasha Caroline
  • Nuwataho Colleb

Our ServicesOur Offering to members and community

Savings 95%
Investment 90%
Business Management 85%
Banking 80%
Financial Monitoring 75%
Loans 70%
Community Projects 65%
Consulting & Advisory 60%
Culture 50%

Want to join Abasingo Development's Group Savings Plan?

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